We cater following yarns for various end uses like Knitting & weaving for garments, carpet and furnishing. For your ready reference please click Technical specification for quality parameter.

Cotton Yarn
We cater cotton yarns combed or carded mainly from India, Pakistan and China. Count range is 2 to 140 and both Open end and Ring Spun yarn.

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Polyester Yarn
We cater polyester yarn spun and DTY from various countries for various end used like Thailand, China, and Taiwan.

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Viscose Yarn
We cater viscose yarn spun and filament from various countries for various end used like Thailand, China, Indonesia, and India.

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Blended Yarns (Tailor Made)
Blended Yarns: This category of yarn has various items of various origins like India, Indonesia, Vietnam, China, Pakistan and Taiwan. This section cater TAILOR MADE yarns:
PC/TC combed and carded yarn: 50:50, 65:35 
CVC combed and carded: 60% cotton & 40% polyester 
PV: 52:48, 65:35, 40:60
Cotton Viscose combed & carded 50:50, 60:40, 40:60
Cotton Acrylic: 50:50

Specialised Yarns
Specialize yarn such as Modal, Tensel, Bamboo, wool, Jute etc. We also cater tailored yarns as per the buyer requirement. We are able to supply yarns with number of PLYS and multifold yarn for various end uses.





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